Parents as Partners

We encourage involvement of parents / guardians at the nursery.

This is reflected both in daily contact as well as for special activities (e.g. outings, parent meetings and parent committee).

We attach importance to the daily short chat between the teachers and the parents when bringing and picking up the children.


For each child the Gan prepares a notebook which follows the development of each child. Each day the teacher is writing how your child is doing, development, anecdotes and what your child is playing with.

We also write in the notebook what your child has eaten and drunk, and other details. As a parent, you get a good overview of how your child is developing during the day at  Gan Tzemach HaSadeh.

This way, at the end of their time at the Gan, you have a nice overview of the activities and development of your child during the period at our nursery school.


The staff is supported by several  committees; such as the parents committee and the complaints committee.

Responsibilities of the committees:

Parents Committee: The parents committee represents the interests of all parents of children at the nursery. Their main responsibility is to monitor the quality of care by giving asked and unsolicited advice to the management of the shelter.

They also help to organize parties and special activities.

Complaints Committee:  Comment on the daily affairs can be discussed at all times with the pedagogical staff. From their professional attitude this will not be construed as personal criticism. There is also the possibility to take your own complaints to our complaint committee by following the procedures for such complaints.

Note: As a parent you have the right to turn to the national complaints committee. We are affiliated with the Geschillencommissie

If you want to know more about this, you can request information by e-mail


We have established a number of issues through protocols.  The protocols exactly describe how to deal with a number of specific events. For example: reporting domestic violence and child abuse, childhood diseases, and so on. These protocols are available to read at our nursery. Upon request, we can email these protocols to the parents.