After seventeen years of experience as a playgroup in Scheveningen, Tzemach HaSadeh welcomes you to our new beautiful “State of the Art” nursery school in Bezuidenhout. Every day we work with all our heart to give your child all the love and attention he or she needs.

The classrooms, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, bedrooms, kitchen and toilets are all thoroughly renovated and comply with the safety and hygienic standard set by the GGD (the health authorities).

In the design of both the interior and exterior spaces we find a good balance between security and challenge. Special attention was paid to the safety of the building. For example, at the entrance there is a two door safety lock, and there are cameras at various locations. In the bedrooms we have camera’s so the teachers can see the children while they sleep.

From the point of view of control and security everything in our building is adjusted so that there is a high degree of fire protection, lots of light, safe furniture and equipment and uncluttered spaces. For good health enough exercise and fresh air are necessary. We encourage outdoor play as much as possible (weather permitting), being engaged and active inside and the premises are arranged so that there is always sufficient light and ventilation.

The furniture is ergonomic and child friendly. We carry a thought through toys policy. This means that we encourage the children using the toys and try to challenge them to try new things.

We have a wide range of toys for ages 0 to 4 years. The toys are of  good quality.

We also have games and development materials that focus on the development and realization of Jewish identity.

The spaces and materials are cleaned by a cleaning lady and pedagogical staff according to a fixed cleaning schedule.

The nursery has a National Registration number 768459552 through which as a parent you may claim an allowance from the tax authorities.


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