Our vision

Our nursery is focused on the individual child. Every child is unique, has its own needs and develops at its own pace. BecauseIMG-20170428-WA0027 Tzemach HaSadeh is a small scale operation, we have the possibility to work both in a small group and individually with the child.

We work with a steady team, so we get to know the child and its parents well; something that we find is a good basis to build confidence and provide security for the child.

In our view, the following points are central and form the basis of our work attitude:

> domesticity
> safety
> professionalism and knowledge
> trust
> small scale
> observation and stimulating the development
> Jewish identity
> working child-oriented

If you opt for Gan Tzemach HaSadeh, then you choose:

> More than 20 years experience;
>  A small scale, committed, loving Jewish environment;
> Only qualified employees who continuously take follow-up education;
> A beautiful location with modern amenities;
> A lot of activities with music, (toddler) dance and excursions;
> Special themed activities around the chagiem (Jewish holidays);
> The only Jewish professional Day Care in the Haaglanden region.