Gan Tzemach Hasadeh

Gan Tzemach Hasadeh

Gan Tzemach HaSadeh is a Day Care for all Jewish children from 12 weeks to 4 years old.We also are a registered BSO (After School Program)

In a safe and warm environment, your child can for the first time get acquainted with the world outside your home. Under expert and loving guidance of our teaching staff, your child will receive all the care he or she needs.

The time your child spends with us will give him or her a particularly valuable experience through the abundant Jewish atmosphere here behind our mezuzah.

Tzemach HaSadeh means “the crop of the field.”

In the Jewish heritage of The Hague Rabbi Sja’oel Halevi and his wife Dina occupy a very important place. From 1748 to 1785 Rabbi Sja’oel served as  Chief Rabbi of The Hague. Thanks to him among others The Hague acquired an important place on the Jewish scene. Rebbetsin Dina was in her own right a great scholar and was respected by many of her contemporaries. The couple left no offspring. On the establishment of our foundation in 1997 we wanted to honor their memory. In the name Tzemach HaSadeh are the initials of these two legators: HaSadeh = Sja’oel and Dina Halevi.

Also in the name, Tzemach HaSadeh,IMG-20170321-WA0013 the Foundation’s perspective is represented.

Tzemach HaSadeh means “the crop of the field.” The little children can be compared with the young growths, as equally small and delicate. They grow to be large. Our mission is to help the children to come to their fruition.

In the seventeen years since our inception, the Gan has known different forms and locations. The response of both the parents and the children are always encouraging.

With the opening of the Center for The Hague Jiddiskait, CHAI, the opportunity was seized to house a full Jewish nursery in this Center.

Our GOAL is: To strengthen Jewish Education in The Hague and surroundings

Our MISSION is: To teach the children to take their first steps in society with their own Jewish identity.