Every week a specific theme is addressed. Both in the circle and during crafts, playing and singing, attention is paid to this theme. Examples of themes are: Jewish holidays, the seasons, Shabbat, Jewish values, Israel, nature, the body, traffic safety, etc.IMG-20170303-WA0023

There is no obligation for the kids to participate in the activities. However, we do encourage this, especially for children from the age of 2.5 years on. Of course we start it gradually and the participation that we ask of the child is among others dependent on the power of concentration of the child.

Younger children often change activities faster and start on something else. Older children are encouraged to complete the work and to help with cleanup.

We think it is important that children receive special attention from our pedagogical staff. We have special equipment to work individually with the children to extend their knowledge and development.

To describe all activities here is too much; some general activities: outdoor play (sand, cycling), hiking, puppets, a reading corner, biscuits / challot baking, crafts, dancing, playing with Duplo or carpentry material, playing games, building corner, singing …

Shabbat party

Particularly noteworthy is the weekly “Shabbat party”. With challot baking and enacting the preparation and celebration of Shabbat, the kids get a sense of our tradition in a fun way. Chagiem get all the attention in the same way.

The older children go to the Mr. L. E. Visserhuis on the occasion of the Jewish holidays, to sing there, dance and distribute handicrafts. Transport is arranged in cars of staff and / or parents.

Special activities and celebrations

Birthdays of the children are celebrated in a nice way. There are songs and games. Of course part of a birthday is a nice crown for the birthday boy or girl and often all children receive a small treat (it is entirely up to the parents / guardians if they let their child give out treats). If the treat is something to eat, it must contain only kosher products, delivered in accordance with our rules (closed packaging). Please contact Mora Sara.